FIX - WD Backup will not run - even after Uninstall/Reinstall

:fox_face: FIX - WD Backup will not run - even after Uninstall/Reinstall - despite WD and MS troubleshooting. (even with Services set to AUTO; COM+ Services are ENABLED)

  • We solved our long perplexing issue.
    After dealing with WD Tier 1 & Tier 2 support, being told we needed ā€œto contact MSoft to check IF COM+ Services are enabledā€ (we already told WD Support THEY WERE) and that we had a ā€œDamaged COM+ Applications Catalogā€ (but WD would not tell WHY/HOW they came to that conclusion).
  • Contacted MSoft - who told us to revert to original image to fix THAT problem (Damaged COM+ Applications Catalog). We did not like that idea.

BEFORE going to this extreme measure we tried an old, simple ā€˜trickā€™ for program installation issues in MS Windows.

:old_key: + THE SOLUTION:
- INSTALL WD Backup software AS ADMINISTRATOR. (We asked twice :slightly_frowning_face: during phone-in support IF we should try this - we were told ā€œyou are already Administrator so you donā€™t have to do thatā€.) This is true, but sometimes MS Windows has issues.

1) Shutdown Firewall & Virus Scan until finished with install.
2) Right click on WD Backup.exe installation program (downloaded from WD)
4) Install as usual (per WD previous instructions)
5) Check Services: WD Backup Drive-Helper; WD Backup SnapShot (set to Automatic)
6) Right Click on WD Backup ICON on the desktop - select Properties/ Capability tab/ check box ā€œRun This Program As Administratorā€/ apply / OK
7) Set up new Backup Plan and RUN.

:exploding_head: Viola! we have WD Backup working as it always has. FIRST TRY!

Note: It even does ā€œscheduled backupsā€ and ā€œbackups from one External USB drive to another External USB driveā€ which we were told verbally (from WD Support) we could not do (ā€œyou will have to do them Manuallyā€). We told him that we have been doing both of these tasks for 2.5 years from one WD Easystore 8tb to another identical WD Easystore 8tb with no problems UNTIL late winter - early spring of 2020 (after WD and MS update).

We thought we would share this SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE trick to this perplexing problem.
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