Fix the problems

I’m very disappointed with this product. I have a My Book Live Duo and his behavior is better.
1-I hate the 3 shared folders in Public and I can’t delete them. I tried it and the device rebuilt them automatically. Then I create a new public folder and when I move the files for one to other sometimes an unknown net error happens and the transfer stops. Just for a copy between folders. The speed is slow too.
2-I check the option to remember the user when access a control panel website interface and doesn’t works. And when I open the control panel on the browser of my mobile device a “time exceed error” appears. I refresh the session and again the error.
3-Finally I have a usb box of disk (a Sharkoon 5-bay box) and only recognize the first HDD when I connect it to one of the USB 3.0 ports of the My Cloud EX2. And the control options for the USB devices are quite poor.
I expected a really improved device, but it’s worst. I love your disks, I have a bunch of them. Please, make an effort to make this product a really good and professional product. I’ll be waiting for that.