Fix the Ideas Lab forum

Something about this section of the forum makes Google Chrome choke with a “This page is unresponsive” error.  If I continue to click WAIT, the problem will resolve.

Internet explorer doesn’t give errors like that (ever, even if it’s really broken) but it still takes a LONG TIME (30s+) for the initial forum view to load.

None of the other forum sections have this issue.

Thank you for reporting this - we will check in to it.


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Well, the forum is also pathetically slow on Firefox - its like it has to fetch pictures and pieces of code from 20 different servers and they are all always busy…

The Ideas Lab still causes Chrome 4.0 to lock up while it does *something* in the background.

Duration is usually about a minute (often resulting in Chrome to ask if I want to Kill the tab), which is excessive.  

At least Chrome lets you use other tabs; Firefox 3.6 locks up - ‘Not Responding’ - until the page loads, although in that case the page does load faster.

Did anyone look into this yet?

Hi PixelPower,

I use Chrome 4 exclusively because for me, its much faster than Firefox. Can you tell me what OS you are using? Also, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed - that makes a big difference. 


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Thanks for the response.

I’m running Vista x64 and Java 6 Update 17.  Looks like there a Java 6 Update 18 I can try, will check it out now.  :)  


And that seems to have made a world of difference.  Many thanks!  :D

I’m so glad it worked out for you - I know slow loading pages drive me nuts too. :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon!

Happened last night and again this morning.  I guess the page must have been cached after I updated Java, so it just seemed like it was fixed…

On mine, it’s hanging on “Waiting for,” but I don’t know if that server is unresponsive, or if the forum CGI’s are just hanging before finishing the base HTML build.

I’m running Win7x64.  Don’t know off-hand which Java I have…   Chrome is, of course, always up-to-date automatically… 

Same “Waiting for” for about 30 sec from time to time… using firefox under windows. In this time firefox is freezing.

I’ve the same behavior with Safari on Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 and iPhone. The browser is not responding for a long time. It must be WebKit related…

Thanks Guys,

I actually have Lithium looking into this.

It seems to be a JavaScript issue. I disabled it and everything was smooth…

Hi Bill,

Have Lithium gave any response to this?  

I have stopped using the Ideas Lab for the time being because it takes my browser out of action for several minutes, not just the Ideas Lab page but any other WDC forum tab too.  

Very frustrating.


As a workaround to the Ideas Lab loading time killing all WDC tabs, I’ve found that opening the Ideas Lab in an Incognito tab isolates it and prevents all WDC tabs freezing.

However, there’s still a several minute delay before it loads.  If you forget to sign in before browsing to the Ideas Lab, you’ll then need to sit another several minutes after it signs in and reloads the page.

I find it interesting that the forum is now using the very latest version of jQuery… updating simply for the sake of updating, or do they just not have any idea what’s causing the issue?  :|

Hi PixelPower,

I just got an email saying that they’re still working on it.  I’m having the same issues.  I’ll push them about this today.


Cheers Bill, go get 'em.  :wink:

[DELETED] Never Mind… :slight_smile:

The browser that seems least affected by the Ideas Lab is Opera 10.5.  No delays at all.

Chrome seems to be the worst (several minutes or longer), followed by FF3.6 and IE.

So the forum works best on the browser with the smallest market share.  Nice one.  :P


i had the same problem with IE 8 on Windows 7 .

on my slow netbook, the Idea lab is inacceptable slow

I think, the main problem is the “lithium” AJAX-Frame work on this page:

the page source of this page contains over 18.000 lines of code and at end large javascript code.

It starts with:

At this point, IE slow down.

It is a good idea to remove the ajax framework and use one of the ohters. Or, simply, uses a default “well kown” message board software.

We figured out, I hope, what’s causing this and should have this fixed soon.