Fix on Windows 10 (domain) Access Issues after OS5 Upgrade

Want to share my Fix.

Two days ago upgraded my WD PR2100 and lost connnection on one of the computers on network (windows 10 connected on a Windows SBS I think 2011).

After a 1-2hrs with Tech Support and getting Level 2 tech who access computer. Could not get me to connect and told me it was an issue I would have to call Microsoft support (which I did not do).

Anyways I played with the settings and the following worked
changed the following gave me access (allowed me to map from that Windows 10 computer on a domain)
Settings>Network>Windows Services>SMB Protocol>SMB 2, SMB 3
Settings>Network>Windows Services>NT Lan Manager>NtLMv1 and NtLMv2

The Os5 upgrade changed the NT Lan Manager setting on me.