Fix: 500gb my passport essential doesn't show up

We had some 500GB wd passports that were not showing up on the drive list on any computer.

We noticed another thread that was locked that didnt have the solution here "" so I am posting a fix for it.

Try this…

Check your hardware section in windows and see if the drive is listed.

If you plug in your drive and it makes the connect and disconnect sound when you plug/unplug it.

This means the drive is working and its not a cable, usb, or dead drive issue.

The solution is to download the WD Quick formatter and run it.

You will see your drive listed in the drop down box that isnt showing up in your drive list.

Select it and format it and your drive will re-appeal as “New volume” in your drive list.

A step by step guide of the program can be found here:

You can download this program from the western digital website at:



So, if we reformat it, then we lose all of the files that are on it correct?  This is absolutely horrible.  I have a 1TB passport and the same thing has happened to me.  It all of a sudden just stopped showing up on my computer, but it does make the connect and reconnect sound and seems to be running fine.  All of my music is on it along with my college files and my manuscript.  I am just sick.

what if even the formatter doesnt work? what possible solutions can i still do. i think ive almost done every solutions offered posted on the net. the only thing i havent done was to open the passport. everytime i try to reformat it. it says it cant be reformated due to the file isnt writteable or the device cannot inialize. please post more possible solutions. ive just bought my WD passport 500gb overseas. HELP!!!