Fix 24fps playback for crying out loud!

It has been 6 months now and we still cannot play mkv files @ 24fps without stutter / judder.

The only way around the situation is to set the output resolution to 1080p 60hz…

We have reported it and provided more than enough information… please do something about it!!!

The only issue with MKV@24fps that I am aware of is the frame drop / frame duplicate at 41 second intervals.

If you’re saying that it does NOT happen at 60Hz:   Well YEAH, that’s because at 60 Hz, for every 4 frames, 2 are duplicated / merged to result in five frames.

So instead of 1 every 41 seconds, it’s 492 times every 41 seconds!

I have a large number of 24fps MKVs and I have no issue playing them.