Five days and counting to backup 1.7 TB

I’m using a MBL 3 TB drive. I’ve had it for less than a year. Intitially I backed up the contents of my iMac, 250 gb internal drive, my external Iomega USB 1TB drive, and my external Iomega USB 500 GB drive. That was about four or five months ago. Then, about two weeks ago, I started getting a message that my drive was analyzed and the MBL will have to make a new backup. When I tried to give it permission to make the new backup I’d get an error code 2. I decided to manually trash the backup files and start fresh.

It’s been four days and today will be five. I am now upto 1.15 TB of data backed up. To complete the backup the total will be 1.70 TB. Is this normal! I have wifi shut off on my iMac and I have the MBL and all my network devices running through a 1000 baseT ethernet switch. Going on five days! 

Will I have to do this nonsense evey four or five months? Man, I am not happy with this drive or this technology. This should be seamless and yet I find that I’ve had to re boot the drive on occassion in order for it to perform periodic TimeMachine backups. Now I’m reinstalling a 1.7 TB backup and it’s taking a Week!!! Not happy at all.

Six days

Six days to backup 1.7 TB of data!!! All over ethernet no wifi! Six Days!!! Day and night for six days straight mbl chugged along and backed up 1.7 TB of data. At one point it sent me an email complaining about high temps; you think???!!!

The idea of your technology is awsome but in actual practice leaves alot to be desired. This is ridiculous. I like to think that I know my way around a computer. Hate to think of folk who don’t and have to depend on the Geek Squad to perform these simple tasks. Yes, plugging in an external harddrive and telling a program on your computer to copy the contents of it’s storage should be fairly simple.

Rant over…

Hi Ordy03, sorry to hear your backup took so long to complete, have you verified if all of your network is Gigabit capable? You can also check if you have any antivirus or firewall that can be slowing down the transfer rate. Check the link below for more information.