First time WD user


I bought my passport 500gb a year ago never used it till now. Plugged it in follow directions. I selected the files to back up and nothing is being backed up; the passport shows empty. I only changed “Set file history” to 2 And “Back-up Speed” unchecked the box the reads pause backup until computer is idle. 

  1. I did not select a retrieve folder as it automatically created one in the C Drive under Documents called Retrieved Contents.Should I create one? 

  2. The Passport says “You need to format the disk in drive H: before you can use it” . Does it needs to be formatted before used? Not sure if need to do this. It has nothing in it; it is at 0 bytes? 

AND 3. If I need to do this what format am I supposed to use? I have never formatted anything don’t even know what that means I am not computer tech savvy. All I can say is I have A windows vista XP . 


If you need to format your drive, take a look to the link below, it will guide you step by step during the formatting process.

How do you do system backup on Passport


Using a WD software is not possible to do a system backup, because WD applications do not copy system files. However , you can use another backup software and it could work for you.

I think windows backup does a system backup, and you already have it on your computer.