First time user needs help backing up to Cloud/Dropbox

Hello, I recently purchased a WD My Book 3TB external HD WDBFJK0030H-04. I’ve already got some music files backed up on it but I want to have the extra security of backing up to Dropbox or My Cloud both of which I’m not yet registered with. This is because my target destination has a Key Symbol and is asking for an activation code. I bought this brand new and don’t seem to have a code. I’ve closed the app and now it won’t even re-open. I’m putting a lot of effort into building a huge music library and am terrified of losing the back up’s somehow. Any advice please? Much appreciated =)

I think you misunderstand what is. It is a remote access portal for owners of WD MyCloud NAS units. It is not a commercial cloud data storage service.

If you want to use Dropbox, register with Dropbox, and use their tools to back up your MyBook to their cloud data servers.

What is showing a key symbol? What app have you tried to use?

It’s on the target back up destination for Dropbox on the install options. It’s asking for an activation code or asking me to purchase a code. I’m not sure if it’s an app or just included in the latest update but it’s a smartware shortcut on my desktop

You might be better off asking on the MyBook forum. This forum is for users of the MyCloud NAS device, who may not have experience with the MyBook, or the software WD provide to support it.

Or try the Software forum.

Okay thanks