First Time User (Live Hub)

Ok, I’m a first time user of the Live Hub but I’m not necessarily new to using media players etc.  I have all of my content (movies mostly) on a NAS that I have setup on the Hub currently.  I have three main folders (Anime, Movies, and TV) with separate folders for each video file for movies.  For instance, Flushed Away would be in a folder called “Flushed Away (2006)” with file named the same.  The TV and Anime folders have a structure like so Series Name, Season, Episode Name etc.  

The questions I have are regarding the media info scraping utility.  What’s the best way to structure my files so that it reads the info correctly?  I get impression that I should have all the files under a top level folder like maybe by genre or something rather that each movie file having it’s own folder, is this correct?

**EDIT**  Just thought of something else, anyone have success with a wireless keyboard on the Hub?  I was able to plug a standard keyboard in however it might be nice to do that wirelessly on the occasion that I need it.

Considering the scraping is a MANUAL process, it doesn’t matter how it’s organized.   It’s the DISPLAY of that data that matters.   If you have everything in individual folders, you will NOT see the data until you go INTO the folder.

So for that reason, I prefer to keep mine in one folder with no subfolders.

In a very round about way that is what I was trying to get at :smiley:

I’ll play around with my folder structure tonight and see how it goes.  Any thoughts on a wireless keyboard to use with the hub?

I’m using the Microsoft “Wireless Desktop” keyboard with mine, and it’s working well.  Don’t have the model# handy…