First time NAS user. Really confused

Mainly I bought it to use as a standalone Plex/DLNA server

Right now I’m very confused about where all the folders are. I’ve managed to map the MyCloud drive onto File Explorer, but it only has one folder “Public”. It works fast like any other drive.

Now, when I go into the web interface, I DON’T see this “Public” folder at all, nor any files I copy to this folder. So what gives? In the web interface, there is a “Family” folder and a “Plex” folder. Likewise, I don’t see these folders in my mapped drive, nor do I see the option map them; only the Public folder is available to map.

So that relates back to my original purpose for buying the MyCloud Home. So fine, I’ll try to use the web interface, but whenever I try to upload files via the web interface, it is 10x as slower than my mapped drive.

I never thought this would be so much of a hassle. Can anybody help me?

  1. Any way to map the Plex folders onto File Explorer, and any way to view the Public folder in the web interface?

  2. Why is the web interface so much slower to upload? Any settings I need to look out for?

Lastly, obviously its all connected via a Gigabit router, all wired. The mapped drive’s speed is as expected. Also maybe related, I read online that supposedly there’s a “local” client interface at “wdmycloud/” but there’s nothing there at all. Neither can I access anything via the device’s assigned IP address. I don’t know if they were only available on older versions or not.

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the my cloud home is not a traditional NAS. The public folder is mostly used for windows backups. You can also use it for hardware or apps that cannot access the private space. What you have stored in the public folder cannot be seen by the mobile or web apps and what is in the private user space cannot be seen in the public folder. To map the private user space you will need to install WD discovery and it will mount the private user space as a drive on the computer. The knowledge base article below should help explain the difference between the public folder and private user space.

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