First time ever today - fan speed > 0

I’ve had my MCM Gen2 for several years now and for the first time ever I have seen the fan speed reported as greater than 0.

The NAS is in my loft where it gets very hot in sunny weather so as part of my daily routine I log in 2 or 3 times and check on the temperature. I’ve always placed my trust in the “Health” field on the home page and from day 1 it never showed other than 0 until today.

For the first time, as far as I can remember, I clicked on Settings/Utilities/System Test and it returned everything with a tick including fan. Don’t know why but I went back to the home page and clicked “Health” and was astonished to see fan 3000 r.p.m.

I’ve now repeated this behaviour several times by logging out and then logging back in again later. After initial login, the “Health” section always shows 0. Go to and click “system test” and then back to the home page and there is a reading shown for the fan.

It seems to me that my unit has been defective from the day I bought it. Running a system test spins the fan up but it doesn’t spin up when the unit gets hot. In the past I’ve seen the drive temperatures in the low 60’s and 0 fan speed and this worried me so I got a floor standing fan and remote power switch that enables me to switch on when I’m at my PC.

As the unit is way out of quarantee now I don’t suppose that there’s much I can do about it and anyway it works well enough in every other way as far as I can see.

Just putting the facts out there as a matter of general interest.

Sounds like the System Test triggered higher CPU usage causing heat and the fan is spinning to prevent the CPU from overheating.

NO - over a matter of seconds and with no temperature change.

Just tried it again Logged in - Health = 0 fan speed and temps 25C and 26C (my floor standing fan is running). Go to settings/utilities/system test and back to Home/Health = 2725 fan speed and temps still 25C and 26C.

As I said I have seen temps in the low 60’s C and 0 fan speed in the past which is why I have the floor standing fan. The unit does not turn the fan on ever based on the temperature, it is the test that switches it on as far as I can see.

This is a YouTube video to show what I’m talking about.

I see no reply to this. My My Mirror Gen 2 system had a disc fail and I noticed after replacing the failed unit that my fan speed was 0!
Is the fan visible anywhere? How do I know if it is running at all?

I never got to tje bottom of it. Several people said that there is no fan. I can only imagine that it’s a bug in the user interface that is giving a spurious reading. The video I posted said it all. The unit is now disconnected and lying in the bottom of my spares cupboard.

The cooling fan is below the control and PSU board, just behind the front cover at the bottom. and it’s running.
Heaven knows how to access it at the moment. I can’t afford anything else just now. What do you use now?

TBH, it’s irrelevant to me now. I just don’t need a NAS and manage perfectly well with a couple of external USB drives connected to my PC when required, usually when I’m doing a backup.