First time connection of new My Passport For Mac 1TB to new Macbook Pro Retina: Steps?

The instructions that come in the box are just three pictures that basically say, “plug it in.”

I actually bought the drive in December at Best Buy, but only just now opened the box since I just got my new Macbook up and running and want to use this drive for Time Machine.

Do I need to install any updates for this for it to run on the latest Yosemite?

When I open it, it has a file named My_Passport_Apps_2.0.0.9.dmg dated Oct 1, 2013 in it.

Should I click on this file, or should I bypass this and go somewhere on this website and install something more current? 

Or is this file just an install of some apps that are just some extra stuff that is not required for the drive to perform?  (if so, I’d just assume bypass that.)



You don’t need to install anything in order to make the drive work. It should be recognized in the computer as soon as you plug it in.