First Steps on Firmware modification

Hello everybody and thanks in advance for you attention. And thanks to all the people here in the forum that make these conversation posible.

I would like to ask for some help on firmware modification. I hope this do not disturb forum administrators. If so, please excuseme. I will delete the thread inmideately.

I would like to try myself a few simple modifications on the official firmware. Not all that stuff about wireless, sharing folders, Netfix or so, just handing a few options, changing some images…I wonder if it is posible to be done just modifying some lines on the .bin files without flashing the drive. If it does, please I ask for some “first steps” on it.

I’m using mac osx, and I rather use it than installing a linux distribution on my computer, but I will be fine to me if I have to install one. As I said, even the topic is not easy itself, I would prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

Again, thanks a lot for your attention. I hope this thread to be interesting to people who, like me, have  knowlodge on programming and just want to custom his or her drive a little bit :slight_smile:

Best regards,


No, that’s not possible.   The BIN files contain compressed images; they cannot be modified without decompressing them first.

Go look at the website; he’s already done most of what you’re talking about and is a good place to start if you want to experiment.

I’ve done some myself, and it can be tedious.   It can also be VERY RISKY.   

Thanks a lot Tony, but I would like to take the risk :slight_smile:

I have searched through the web you told me before, but as I said I would like to try myself. Maybe a should start from there anyway.


What I was referring to on B-RAD"s website (well, one of them) is his discussion of how to unpack the BIN files.

WD have never openly discussed / assisted firmware modification on these forums.  

They even tried to lock down the Live Plus firmware and made it more difficult to modify.

Try looking at the Homebrew Central category on B-Rad’s forum:

Like Tony said, it should have all the information you need.

Thanks everybody! I will check out all this info during this week, and post some replays if nobody thinks it is unpolite.

See you soon!