First New WD Black failed to work. Sec did the same

I am so very frustrated with this Company. I purchased a new WD Black 2T drive, It was working perfectly. Then it failed. I tried reformating and that failed. I call WD and suggest sending the unit in for replacement. They give me an RMA and said that they will send new drive. Then I wait wait wait. Finally after nearly 3 months I get it. Same thing happens, WD tech on the phone walking me thruough it all. Suggestion from TECH, "Just get an RMA and we will send you another. “Give me a break!!! Please!!!” RMA?? I thought the company discusses the problem THEN issues an RMA
My pc’s Motherboard is MSI Tomahawk B350, and very compatible with this unit.
Will someone please help me!!
My advice to all “DON"T BUY A WD BLACK HARD DRIVE”

hope you have a decent PSU as lower end models are sometimes problematic

500watt psu

500W is not bad but I need the make and model as there are issues depending on how old the model is

ml: mlt-ls500
made by Ultra
ATX type
when i bought my first one it worked fine then something happen and i lost 1tb unallocated memory is what it said
now that im using a recertified i turned off my computer discharged it used ground and then installed plugged it in and called for install support did the follow thru and then got a code error 2 with the extended Smart test they said the hd is bad so gotta send it back again and have it exchanged again

Try Crystal Disk Reports and see what it has to say

Ultra ult-ls500 PSU is a low end model

should i get a new one or will this one handle what im doing?!

A corsair RM650 is much more recent and has modular cables, I own one and it’s very good for the money