First install of My Book Live probs and questions

Hi all, just bought My Book Live.  Running. PC with Win 7 and a  router from my ISP, MTS Canada, which has no available jacks on the back to connect Ethernet cable.  I have a second router which I have connected to the signal cable and My Book Live, MBL,and power cord.  The MBL has a green light ,but the software cannot find the MBL.  Do I need to set the. Second router as a second network?  My main router is from my ISP and internees and Internet with no empty jacks.

is a switch a solution.  I do not have enough general knowledge com proceed to the next step of discovering the MBL.

any help??


The computer and the my book must be connected to the same router, to find the my book on your network you don’t need to use the installations disk. Check the link below for the steps to map it using WDlink.…

Piroshok wrote:


is a switch a solution. 

Absolutely.  A switch is the perfect solution to “add” additional ports to a router.

Make sure, if you buy one, you buy a quality Gigabit Ethernet switch.