First impressions, missing features : Favorite NAS Access + Movie browsing + Menus


I just got this little toy.

My only ambition with it is to play files (A+V) out of a NAS.

I upgraded to latest Beta firmware.

I really miss 3 things so far :

  1. A shortcut to access specific Network paths without scrolling and selecting in menus and sub-folders

  2. Maybe I can’t read documentation but I still haven’t found a way to quickly postition inside a movie. Fast forward is SLOOOOOOOW. Why can’t we just move the cursor once the time info is displayed…???

  3. I’d love to disable items I don’t use like (photos, music…)

With last firmware MKV 1080p is very good FOR ME.

I’m not sure WD reads this but 1) is really a nightmare…

To go faster through the movie press ff (or rew) and then press next (or prev). This gives you steps of 10 minutes forward or backward.

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Perfect so we got 2) out of the way.


Is the Favorite a feature that has been acknowledged as an upcoming feature? This is the ONLY thing on my wish list for WD TV Live Plus which is otherwise “Perfect” :smiley:

Where do I go to add my +1 to the request? If not where to I go to request it and get it recognized by WD?

The IDEAS LAB section of the forum has that.