First impressions, missing features : Favorite NAS Access + Movie browsing + Menus



I just got this little toy.

My only ambition with it is to play files (A+V) out of a NAS.

I upgraded to latest Beta firmware.

I really miss 3 things so far :

  1. A shortcut to access specific Network paths without scrolling and selecting in menus and sub-folders

  2. Maybe I can’t read documentation but I still haven’t found a way to quickly postition inside a movie. Fast forward is SLOOOOOOOW. Why can’t we just move the cursor once the time info is displayed…???

  3. I’d love to disable items I don’t use like (photos, music…)

With last firmware MKV 1080p is very good FOR ME.

I’m not sure WD reads this but 1) is really a nightmare…


To go faster through the movie press ff (or rew) and then press next (or prev). This gives you steps of 10 minutes forward or backward.


Perfect so we got 2) out of the way.



Is the Favorite a feature that has been acknowledged as an upcoming feature? This is the ONLY thing on my wish list for WD TV Live Plus which is otherwise “Perfect” :smiley:

Where do I go to add my +1 to the request? If not where to I go to request it and get it recognized by WD?


The IDEAS LAB section of the forum has that.