First Expiernece with the BlockBuster App

Last month a new firmware gets pushed, and now I have “blockbu…ster on demand”. Hey, Awesome right.

So, I go to try it out for the first time. The crappy interface is so user unfriendly, it took me 2 hours to figure out how to buy the dam video and get the video… So, I finally ‘rent’ the video… now what?? Can’t figure out how to start actually watching the video I just purchased… Finally figure out that I have to choose a download path so that I can download the video?? Ok, Netflix doesn’t have to do all this to use it, whats up with that? Since this is a stupid media box, and NOT a computer… I rig up a flash drive for a download area, and proceed… 4 hours later its just going slow as molasses!! I give up, at least for the night. Next day, I try to see how far we got… 50% or so… and now out of room on the flash drive… HUH… The flash drive is only 1Gig… I transfer the file over to another flash drive 2Gig… Next day, I try again… 99% done… says filled… HHAAAAA. 3rd flash drive now, 8Gig!!! Finally… done downloading… No interface that gives me any clue on how to play the dam download… Each time you click on “enter” it shows you the synopsis. I don’t need the synopsis, that’s why I already paid for the move… Ahhhh… Exit out the Blockbuster app. Lets try direct play of the file… It won’t play!!! DRM blocked… expired.

Way to go Blockbuster… 3 days to download, file expires in 24 hours… I should have known I was going to be duped, because the trailers don’t even play in the Blockbuster app either… Netflix has this down pat… they DON’T NEED YOU TO HAVE A DOWNLOAD PATH, WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS?  Netflix plays in minutes, why why why Blockbuster?

…  Not that I’m out a lot of money mind you… 4 bucks is cheap.  

I come to the BlockBuster website, thier ‘feedback’ button in the top right is DISABLED… wow. big surprise.  Near impossible to get any feedback on this website, it never ask how your movie experience went (another big shocker), finding any directions on the set top box is, I guess asking too much…

Wow… not likely they are going to resolve these issues with thier Blockbuster App, or even get back to me either…  Steaming downloads are the future, and the first experience that they are providing is pretty POOR.  Most likely their overall policy is to frustrate their users into submission so they will give up, and get in the car and drive to the local store for the DVD.

First and Last time using that I think.


You didn’t, by chance, look into the user manual to see if it had anything to say about how to set up Blockbuster?