First 24h with my Live Duo - RAID1 conversion failure

After reading most of the posts on this forum, and researching elsewhere, I bought a Live Duo yesterday. After getting it on my network, upgrading the firmware, and upgrading the software on my desktop PC (I have a My Book Essential USB already installed), I decided to convert the drives from RAID0 (6TB) to RAID1 (3TB). After several hours, the conversion stopped, a SMART error was reported, and it was suggested that I reboot the device and do a full diagnostic test.

Diagnostic tests revealed no errors but the device appeared to be in RAID0 still. I’m in the process of doing a full factory reset (which has taken almost 15 hours so far…)

Is it possible to get a more verbose output from the logs, re: the errors? Was it a fluke that the conversion failed, or should I box it back up and exchange it?

Pulling a Diagnostic report from the WebUI will include all the system logs.

Great. When the reset finishes, I am going to try another conversion to RAID1. I hope it was just a fluke.