First 24 hours, almost everything works except

I received my box yesterday and was very frustrated because of the stuttering movies, but with the help of this forum I could solve the stuttering problem quickly by setting the Video output to 1080i/60 instead of Automatic.

I also realized that I cannot play music in parallel to a picture show which worked in the USB version, ok, I can live with that.

Open issue: My shared Network disk works, and the system also shows my PC as a shared resource. But if I want to access my PC it asks for an ID and password. So where do I set this corresponding ID and password on my PC (XP)? I am not aware of an ID and password for my PC.

Just ignore the ID and password and logon without it.

Don’t understand your remark about playing music in parallel to a picture show. You can start the music and than start a picture show and the music keeps playing.

That ID/password you say, are just the username/password you type whenever you boot your PC at the welcome screen. If you haven’t put a password on your account (many people don’t) and you haven’t made any more accounts, then windows will boot straight to the desktop, but you still have a username - usually your own name - and you can see it in the start menu.

I was used to do that (playing music in parallel to the pictures) on my USB based box. Now with the Live box it worked with my USB files but when I use files from the wireless connection (both music and pictures in parallel) the system hangs up and I have to unplug the box and reboot.

Thanks for all your proposals, but whatever ID and password I try - including empty fields - it says “invalid user id or password”. Very strange.