Firmwear update

hi could you tell me as when there will be a firmwear up date for this unit

to fix the prob with the sound when playing mkv as it wont downmix the sound to stereo

or is this a dts thing that i have read on here that its not supported on this unit if this is the

case dts is a big part in movies and a big porb for wd if they cant fix it.

kind regards


It is not licensed for DTS, so it’s not going to work.

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And even if DTS is “a big part in movies”, it’s not part of the original DVD standards.  DVD discs still must include other audio track(s)… adding DTS is optional, and it can’t be the primary track.

DTS can be the primary track of a Blu-ray (it must be one of AC3, DTS or PCM) but I’ve personally never seen one with DTS as the primary.  Any one of them I’ve encountered, a variation of AC3 is still the “main” track.

So, when you’re ripping your discs, why not just use the non-DTS audio?  Especially after buying a device that doesn’t support DTS?

the wd web page says …

Product Features

Full-HD 1080p resolution - Experience spectacular Full-HD video picture quality and crystal-clear DTS 2.0 digital audio. The HDMI port lets you connect to the highest quality HDTV or home theater.

dts2.0 so if i have a mkv movie in this dts will it down mix so i can hear it on my tv as i am not sure i

have the wd tv live aswell and it plays all files no prob with the sound it downmixs the mkv  for my tv in hdmi

i should of looked deeper in the spics on wat sound opps it has

You raise a good point, clark…

The Website does, indeed, say that… But the specifications/supported types grid in the manual say “NO” to DTS, without being specific as to what TYPE of DTS it is.

It also doesn’t have any of the DTS logos on the packaging (at least that I can see on the web pics).

So, I think they’re being confusing, to say the least!

Ya… WD goofed when they were making up the “Overview” .pdf and page.  It looks like they pasted the description from the WDTV HD.  Not even the “Live” or the “Live Plus” mention DTS in the 1080p description section, even if the boxes do support it.  (DTS has nothing to do with 1080p anyway – one’s audio and one’s video… I have no idea how that got included even for the WDTV HD.)

The “Digital Audio” section of the same Overview makes no mention of DTS either:

Digital optical audio

High fidelity audio or pass-through digital audio signal to your AV receiver for surround sound experience. Supports SPDIF and Dolby Digital native playback.


As Tony points out, there’s no DTS licencing marks anywhere and DTS is listed as “NO” under each file type.  It does not support DTS and a firmware upgrade won’t change that.

Even the apparent misprint about DTS 2.0 in the one section of the Overview is still covered by the “Product specifications subject to change without notice.”

I’m having this looked into, now.

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well thankyou guys for helping me work this dts thing out  as i went to 6 places to find the best deal on

a wd player i missed looking into the spics as i just seen it said MKV H264 i took for granted it had DTS

when seen mkv my fault :smileymad : not sure if i will take it back see what happens

kind regards


If you do decide to keep it and don’t take it back, you can always use something like Popcorn MKV AudioConverter (or eac3to) to convert your 5.1 DTS audio tracks in .mkv files into 5.1 AC-3 tracks.

any news about a new firmaware? please we need it

Second that.

Well there ya go.

A firmware update is on its way.  However, it will not add DTS passthrough support.


We have a knowledge base article that states that DTS will not be supported, ever.