Firmware with VUDU offer code?

I got a WD Hub player back in September.  It works good so I haven’t updated its firmware (behind one update). It had a “WD Special Offer” tab on the home screen. I then wound up claiming the special VUDU offer code from it for a $25 VUDU credit. It worked and my VUDU account now has a $25 credit.

I recently also then got a WD Live player. Initially, it too had this similar “WD Special Offer” tab. It had a VUDU offer, but for only $15 with this model. I probably shouldn’t have done this (or at least write down the code #), but I updated the “Live’s” firmware to the latest. I now notice the “WD Special Offer” tab is no longer available.

I was thinking I could roll the Live’s firmware back to when it had these offers (VUDU, NETFLIX and SPOTIFY) & get the unique $15 VUDU code. I then also found the WD support page that gives you past firmwares. Can I rollback to a previous firmware and still have these offer? Or will it not be there any longer? If so, which one should I roll back to get this special VUDU code?

Hi, the link below should help.

Well, after finally trying to tackle this issue, it looks like I am out of luck. VUDU basically said I’m SOL & said they can’t help since its not their hardware. Said to call WD. Western Digital said to try to roll back the firmware to a previous version, but felt that most likely the VUDU code/offer will not return. I will try to roll back the firmware, but  tend to agree. Oh well.

So beware for those that have the offer ($15 for LIVE and $25 for HUB) and want to use it. Either write down the unique code # or apply it to a VUDU account before you update the firmware.