Firmware - which version should I be running?

Received MBL last week. Upon installation I was prompted to upgrade the firmware which I did. The MBL dashboard then wouldn’t work properly. WD helpdesk said return the unit, however following instructions on here I rolled back to f/w 02.11.09-053 and dashboard is working again :slight_smile:

Is this the “best” f/w version to be running?

I’m having problems getting WD 2go & WD Photos to work consistently on both Andriod & iPad, plus MBL access seems intermittently slow. All in all a very frustrating experience so far.

Hello, the latest firmware version is 02.32.05-046, try updating to that one and check if the problem continues. It would also be good if you share more info on what problems are you having exactly, any error messages? Etc…