Firmware WD1001FALS-00E8B0

Hi, how i can update firmware for WD1001FALS-00E8B0 drive?


At this time, there is no firmware update available for this drive.  If you want to check every so often to see if one shows up, you can click on the link below to the drive’s download page.

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Just out of curiosity, what are you hoping to get from the new firmware?  I just joined to post on another issue (WD15EARS) but saw yours in the queue.  Having just received one of these drives as well, I’m curious if there are specific problems.  Thanks.

Just butting in but I just had to dump two of these drives and the $200 I paid for them because WD crippled the firmware.  Specifically, they disabled the ability to turn on “time-limited error recovery” that is required to avoid data corruption and loss in RAID.  They did this, I presume, to force you to purchase (and spend $60 more per drive) for enterprise RE drives which you ain’t going to find at retail.

Took me two weeks to figure out why my new Intel DX58SO Core I7 Windows 7 Ultimate build kept going south.  Drives with a DCM ending in AB can still turn on TLER with the secret WDTLER utility.  DCMs ending in CA have the feature completely disabled.  Older drives are turned on by the RAID driver.  My drives came from the same OEM egg crate and one was TLER able while the other wasn’t.  One was built in 10/09 and had a three year warranty and the other in 11/09 and had a five year warranty.  It’s all enough to make your head spin.

There is a pretty lucrative eBay market in used older versions of this drive because of this.

It would be nice if WD would state up front on their web site that Caviar Blacks cannot be used in a consumer desktop RAID setup.  To read the hype, you would never know it was crippled.

If you plan on doing a RAID setup, now or in the future, you need to buy WD1002FBYS drives for $160 or change brands.  I was told Caviar Blacks are 1002’s that don’t make the cut.  They may be better drives but not 60% better.

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