Firmware Version 3.09.18 File Duplication Fault

My livehub just completed its firmware update and is now displaying hundreds of duplicate file names on the hub, but when you view the contents from the PC they are not duplicated.  When you try to play the duplicates back on the Videos:Folders screen it says ‘Content Not Found’ as it only seems to be duplicating the names and not the files, however inside individual sub folders it will play any of the duplicates.  The remaining storage available has not been affected.

Not really the firmware, more like a Hubism :slight_smile:

2 options, hold the power button on the remote for greater than 5 secs and let it power down. Power it up again and let it rebuild its library.

Or clear the Media Library in the options and it rebuilds it.

Neither of these options touches the files themselves.

Usually carrrying this out once or twice sorts it.