Firmware Version 1.12.14 - Windows 8 support


new to this forum and a new user of the WD TV Live.

Just bought it in the hope of using the Windows 8 play to feature from my Windows Surface RT.

The new 1.12.14 firmware change log indicated Windows 8 support, but the device still shows up as “Not Windows certified” which disables the ability to use if from any new application via the Charms bar.

It understand that it works from the desktop version of the mediaplayer, but this is not option for Windows RT since it is not included.

Did anybody get this to work?


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As well there is no documentation or help in setting up network shares in Win 8. 

I bought an WD TV Live especially for usage with my news Microsoft Surface and I have exactly the same problem.

You can use the classic Windows Explorer context menu and choose “play to”  from there - it works, but that not an ideal solution. Technically “play to” should work from the Modern UI or metro Apps, Windows just does not allow it…

I hope WD will certify the device very soon…

Just went into Updates for WIn 8 and up popped a update for the WDTV  player. Perhaps this may solve the issue of the device being uncertified…

I still have the problem. The only solution is for WD to get the device certified.

Not sure if WD is monitoring this forum, but a comment on the current plan for Windows 8 certification would be appreciated. The hotline basically gave me a frustrating no-answer like “We welcome suggestions for product improvements”.

Is there a solution for this problem. I have the same problem and also bought the wdtv live especially for this feature. Can someone from wd post an answer?


same here, bought the WD TV Live Streaming Player, after checking the Windows 8 information on the product page. Tested with Windows RT on my Surface RT and Windows 8 Pro on my desktop machine. For neither of them the Charm Bar works, since the device shows as not being certified for Windows.

I would expect some information on this from Western Digital as well - otherwise I will have to return the product due to misleading product information.

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Has anybody contacted WD via phone about this problem. This is user to user forum with a minimum input from WD.

I did contact them about a 2 weeks ago, but even their 2 level support was unable to tell me when this will be fixed.
Not a great experience…

The good news is that the device has now passed Windows 8 certification so that I hope that WD will make that firmware available soon. Suggest that you contact them as well and report back here.


Hi, jep I did contact them on the 30th Dec, still waiting for reply. Let’s see if I get any more news…

Great, support is asking me to update to 1.12.14 although I already told them I have the latest version required for Win8 Support… !? Let’s see how this continues…

Same problem here. I have a Windows 8 laptop and a Surface RT. It would be nice to be able to use the Charm bar with “Play To”.


Just wanted to give you guys an update. 1st level support has mailed me and asked me to call them and upgrade my ticket to 2nd level support… to be honest, I’ve got other things to do in my life now… I’m not 25 anymore and too keen on just getting this to work. if MS will bring a xbox-branded compatible player this is what I’ll buy… bye-bye WD… it was nice, but if you can’t figure this out 1st level I am not interested in this toy anymore… (I will not convert to Apple either, but slowly I’m beginning to realize how MS may fail again to catch up to Apple in that regard, once again… there is potential, yet it seems they just can’t pull this off)

The uncertified message for the WDTV media streamer in win 8 has dissappeared as from today.

For the first time I have been able to stream photos from my Buffalo Nas and music via multimedia 8.

The WDTV appears in the charms menu when you click on devices then you click on WDTV and it works!

Also I have found that you can stream your own music from the new Xbox music to the WDTV.

Now this is the BAD bit. You are unable to stream the music library.

I get a message saying, “This app can’t stream to the devices at this moment”.

I can play the library on my computer but can’t stream via my free xbox music passport for upgrading to win 8.

Perhaps someone who pays for a mircosoft music xbox account could try as this may be the difficultly.

So good news WDTV certified.

very interesting… for me it now works as well, “not certified”-message is gone as well…

Same, here I had to remove it and re-add it to get rid of the “uncertified” message

I have been testing streaming to WDTV from the Metro interface as the WDTV is now certified.

As stated in my last post the Xbox Music App will not let you stream music that you do not own. No fault of the WDTV live streamer as you can stream your own music held in storage from this app.

To do this right click on very bottom of the screen and Open File will appear. This allows you to view and stream your own music library.

As you can already do this via Windows Media Centre with the play to opion at top right of screen and the user expericence is better then why bother to use the new xbox music app.

Also you can use serviio or network share to access your music collection via network.

Here are a couple of Win 8 apps that I have found do stream to WDTV…

Fildo… allows search for music + play list.

Sounddrivin… lots of music if you like exploring.

I have not been able to get the win 8 App Catchuptv to stream.

I can’t get Yesterday TV via sat so that would have been nice.

I just get a message “media from catchuptv” and a blank TV screen.

I do have an ethernet connection and stream movies from my Nas - guess the WDTV can’t handle the streaming format of catchuptv ???

Hope above has been of some help.