Firmware Version 1.05.04_V: Digital 5.1 Audio (DD and DTS) on HDMI now working?

We has a discussion a while back on the issue:

I haven’t upgrade the firmware since then, but I would like to. I haven’t been following the forum for a while either (work!) but I have been reading a number of posts but this remains unclear. So my question, if you can answer it:

Can you now send DD and DTS through HDMI as you could on the 1.22 Firmware? It’s the one bug that keeps me from upgrading.

Thanks for any answers.


They did fix it in version 1.04 something for my Pioneer AVR  (both DD and DTS started working again.)

In short, only YOU will be able determine if it’s fixed for you.

So, go ahead and upgrade.  If it still doesn’t work for you, then just roll back.

Tried it today. It’s partial fix:

The Live seems to be trying to interpret Audio Capabilities via EDID. AC3 Sound 2.0 plays fine through HDMI, AC3 5.1 does not play at all and is not downgraded to 2.0 (as my Blueray-Player does).

Time for a new AVR or will the the next firmware do what the old 1.21 did?


had same problem rooled back firmware to ,1.21 sound working again.I am never updating firmware again. all i can say is if it was,nt 4 this site my wd would have been goin in the bin big thanks 2 everyone

Same here. I can only use the new firmware if I buy a new AVR…Maybe that’s a good reason :slight_smile: