Firmware Version 1.04.31 - 2 major issues

I too had the purple / ping background after the latest firmware upgrade. The only way for me to fix it was:

Problem 1.

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable then plug it back in.

  2. Go onto settings - Audio & Video - select video output HDMI - HDMI agan - Auto - on 

I found these fixes to be a real pain. Prior to the upgrade I never had these issues.

Problem 2.

Almost every movie I stream now freezes then I have to reboot the device and it will sometimes work for the rest of the movie or sometimes I have to reboot it again.

I had neither of these issues with the previous firemware. I have now reverted back and all is working great again.


Before you rollback to the previous firmware did you contact WD tech support for assistance?

Yes, I occasionally have the same problem with the new firmware (1.04.31). It occasionally powers up with the colorspace set at YCbCr instead of RGB Low. This has never happened with any other firmware. Someone from the WD staff posted that this has been happening with DVI inputs with the latest firmware. Does your TV have a DVI input? 



I am also facing while playing over Lan network . Some time it plays very normal , some time fast/freeze. Always i have to restart. Can you please advice. 

Release 1.04.31