Firmware Version 1.01.30 My Media is not available on WD External 2gbt Drive?

I have downloaded the new firmware and was installed without any problems? But now I have only Services, Alerts and Setup…Where is Photographs, Music and Media from the WD External Harddrive?  My system worked just fine prior to the download now!!!


Try resetting the media player and/or a power cycle.

It sounds as though you may have the Grid Theme installed. If, when using the Mochi Theme you didnt have any shortcuts in the dashboard, you may see a blank screen when using the Grid. You can change the theme in setup or add tiles through the Services tab.

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Thanks Mate A bit of stupidity on my side, got it sorted now. Never update a 5am in the morning when you have not had your coffee. Thanks

you’re welcome! I know the feeling, I never update anything unless I have a clear day ahead of me to sort out the “issues” … :slight_smile: