Firmware upgrade zonked my drive

I think I put my original post on the wrong board

Any way to recover from a firmware upgrade gone bad?

I upgraded firmware today, and now the drive is hung on boot

any way to put working firmware on the thing if you cant reach the drive over the network?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

why did you upgrade your firmware?

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Should I not have upgraded it?

no, you didn’t red the big problems with the firmware 1.02.04 on this forum?

you can say good by to your data or you save it by self with Linux, the guide how to do it is on the forum from the users.

good luck

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No way to back out the firmware upgrade and use the prior version?

Just replying with what I’ve learned in the past 10 hours after the FW updated nuked my MBWE 1TB - it is also stuck in reboot loop.

Hopefully the data is not lost, so one way to get it back is to 

Hope this helps.