Firmware upgrade...lost data

Hello all,

Never in my IT life have I lost data to a firmware update…of course all those updates had to do with the BIOS or something of that nature. And I know the IT moniker…'Backup, Backup, Backup" which I failed to do.

So who has done the same thing and recovered data with good results…and what program did you use? I have ran the drive using EASEUS with nothing recovered. And with nearly 3Tb of data missing, I’d really like to get it back.


Hello Brianw619,

Did you use the alternate data recovery tools to recover your important data from the drive?

Hello Brianw619
If you are using WD hard drive, then you can try to recover your data using authorized data recovery software because only the WD Hard drive provides a feature to create PCB in case of firmware failure.

Please try some other software.