Firmware Upgrade Issues!

I have 3 Mybook Live 3TB drives.  Two work fine.  One of them I was geeting terrible transfer rates from 13kb, pause, up to 9mb, pause, 250kb, pause etc. (Other copied data 25mb).

Network is fine, checked connection (Cat 6 Cables swapped, ports swapped etc, even got a new gigabit nic card).

Last night I went into dashboard on all three and was promted to update the firmware.  The two I have no problem with updated in a few minutes.  14 hours later and the problem one is not updating.

I had it stuck at 10% for hours.  Next it got stuck at 100% then gave error 31103.  For a few hours the network couldnt see the drive, then I couldnt access the dashboard.  

Eventually I managed to get to the dashboard again and decided to back up the data to see if it was still functioning, I got 25mb copy speeds all of a sudden?  I’m not confident this will last, or even if the firmware upgrade will make a difference, but it’s certainly becoma a can of worms!

It still will not update the firmware though.  Any ideas?

I don’t know.  I have the same issue… Same drive, too.  My WD drive dashboard constantly goes into the firmware update with it at 100% but never completed.  It says that the firmware from last September is installed in the background.


UPDATE!  Still not working.  I have done all the windows updates that popped up, took everything off line, unplugged everything. Still not updating, stuck at 10% then fails…

I have noticed that the joy with the speed burst earlier was a bit premature… I can copy FROM the device at upto 25mb, but if I try and copy to it I get speeds  in kb’s.   I am assuming that this is probably the problem, trying to install firmware would involve copying to the device, which seems to be the fault!

So, anybody know why the copy to speed would be so abismal?

My solution:

Downloaded patch via file

from this thread

  • Make sure browser is open to scripting, java, I have no idea what, but just make sure for the moment things are turned open.
  • Download patch
  • Open  http://mybooklive.local/UI/
  • (stuck in firmware loop)
  • Break networking (I turned off wireless momentarily)
  • Firmware loop should break out due to lack of networking - leave page open!
  • Reconnect networking
  • Use mybooklive page that you left open, Open Settings > Update > use file
  • Wait.  Reload if it sticks.

This worked for me to get it out of that loop, but not sure if your buggy one you want to do that with… That could be an actual hardware issue, and your problem may be different.


Well, I’ve treid it about 5 times now, I got copy failed a couple of times, but still stuck at 10% upgrading.  Thanks though!