Firmware Upgrade Issue My Book World NAS Edition 1 White Light

Device (WD My Book White Light 1TB WD10000H1NC-00) is working fine attached to iMac but remains stuck on version 01.01.08 with MioNet

I’ve tried to upgrade firmware both auto & manual mode (using downloaded .img file) - the device appears to react to the request (white light flashes) but after a few moments it stops & remains fixed on version above.

Grateful for any/all advice.  Do I need to do a full reset to factory settings - with associated data loss issues? 


Update - I’ve managed to downgrade Mionet to so something works but no change to ability to alter main firmware version.  


Make sure you have followed the steps on the link bellow:

I have followed the manual instructions to the letter and the upgrade still fails (see other post) - PLEASE WD help me here - I need to get to latest firmware level to get Time Machine support (current version is only 1.01.18)