Firmware Upgrade does not go through

As a newbie I just got mycloud 3TB today after installing and configuring I could access the dashboard, there was a warning to upgrade the firmware and following I click the button and start to download and upgrade window, after download it says upgrade but it is stuck there at 0% for 4 hours now and the blue light that was solid in the beginning now is blinking the upgrade version was 2.30.165

I did not stop the process yet, but somebody can tell me how long this process would take

Just an update, the blue light now is solid but the firmware was not upgraded it shows the same on the dashboard

Hi there, you can perform a reset a retry the firmware upgrade.

I never use the online upgrade. I always download the firmware zip file, and do a manual upgrade.

I have tried with manual upgrade from the file and got the same issue, I reboot the box now the light is a steady blue I can get on the dashboard but no upgrades were performed according dashboard

I reboot the system and would be able to install the Firmware update