Firmware upgrade broke my mirror

I upgraded the firmware on my 2TB MyBookWorld to 01.02.12 with MioNe. All went well, but when I checked out my Disk Manager the mirror appeared to be broken and HDD2 (my mirror disk) was unassigned and had an undefined size.Why did it do that?

Anyway, I’ve since ‘cleaned’ it, and HDD2 now has a status of ‘new’. So how do I recreate the mirror? When I go into Volume and RAID Manager and try and add HDD2 I only get an option to span…

Do you have Data on the Drive A ? If yes, back it up. If no, then go to web adminpage  → there RESTORE CONFIGURATION →

Restore Default Configuration
  Restoring the device to the Factory Default will destroy all data on the device, including all configuration setup, all shares, and all user data and media files. After the restore is complete, the device configuration will be identical to its state at purchase. To use the device, the initial setup will have to be performed again.
  1. After reset, the default administrator login/password will be changed to "admin/admin"

After MBWE restarts, go to storage , manage raid & volumes and rebuild your raid.

Thanks for the reply. I do have data on Drive A, but the drive IS my mass storage device and I have nothing large enough to archive it to! I suppose I could buy something to backup my backup device, but I’d like to avoid the expense if possible…

By the way - in Disk Manager, HDA1 is marker as ‘good’, HDA2 as ‘new’. But in Volumes & RAID Management, the DataVolume Mirror on Disk 1 is marked as ‘degraded’. Is that just because the mirror doesn’t have both drives, or might something else be amiss?