Firmware Upgrade - 2.11.09-053 - Date & Time stamp changed


I upgraded the firmware last week on my “Mybooklive” to 2.11.09-253. I didnt realise it wasnt the latest  as I used the WebUI to do the work - however, seemed to go OK, but it seems to have screwed around with the date/time stamp on existing files - and they are different whether accessed from a iMac (running Lion) or PC (running Windows Vista SP2). 

On the Mac the dates for recent files are in the future,  while the ones on the PC have slipped back to  april!! When I create new files the Mac now reports them correctly, whereas the PC still thinks its april. The dates are correct on all three devices (pc, mac and mybooklive) but something is screwed up somewhere .

Lastly, before and after the upgrade copying new files en-masse wirelessly to the nas is a no-go - takes too long - its quicker for me to upload files to a server in the US (i’m in the UK) than to my nas - that cant be right - whats going wrong? 

all offers of help would be appreciated.


PS why doesnt this forum like shift-a ??

Really weird issue the one you have.  Have you tried a reset by holding the Reset button for 4 seconds?  Regarding the shift-a issue, AFAIK as know only occurs with Chrome, weird also.