Firmware Updating via Dashboard

Quick question regarding OS installation on a WD BLACK 850 NVMe SSD.

Inside WD Dashboard it’s telling me that my firmware needs updating.
My problem is that there is a risk of losing data with a firmware update of this nature.
So is it worth the risk lol…?

No that’s not my question…

My question is has any of you updated firmware on your SSD C-drive before?

If yes…
Any problems?

I have a 2.5 1TB Blue SSD…not NVMw but it took a FW update with no issues. Shouldn’t be a problem as the dashboard can’t be installed until you have an OS. However, I had important files on mine so I did do a backup to my NAS prior to updating the FW, just in case! Stuff does happen :slight_smile:

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Yeah I updated it.
No issues…
Thanks for the input…

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Does anyone know what the latest firmware for the SN850 is as of July 2022. I’m using the SN850 on my PS5 and to check the firmware it might be a challenge. The WDSN850 had Firmware 614900WD when it was installed on the PS5.