Firmware Updates


I need latest firmware for my WD Live Plus HD Media Player. I’m currently using 1.04.31_B.
Appreciate updates.

Thank you.

Hi, Here you go there you will be able to download the latest release for the WD Live Plus. Even thought it says that is a rollback, is not.

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Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

No problem, remember to mark the post that helped you as a solution, this way any user that might be having the same issue would be able to find the post.

Hi there

I have done and tried all of the above.
I downloaded and I unzipped and copied the 3 files onto a USB drive (as well as a USB Flash Drive) and plugged them into the WD player … the system does not pick up the updated files … help

Is there a possibility that we get updated firmware which can support HEVC codec?