Firmware Updates for Purple Drives?

I recently called WD technical support and asked them for the firmware updates for my 24 WD Purple HD’s and they said it was not available to me. They said they could only help me if the drive was failing. I was proactively trying to update my firware, but it seems WD won’t let a owner of a WD Purple HD update the firmware??? What is up with this??? Guess I will have to start looking at other brands of Disk Drives in future projects.

Hi GregHulett,

Actually WD Purple is an internal drive and it does not have any firmware updates.

Thanks for letting me know that it does not have any firmware updates. Yes, it is an internal surveillance drive. Also, I am questioning about the firmware updates. It is hard to believe that it does not have any because it has been on the market for somewhere around 3 years.

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