Firmware Updater not recognizing my WD Home Essentials 3Tb USB3 Drive

About a week ago I installed the most recent update to OS X 10.7 (Lion), so I’m now running 10.7.5. My WD Home Essentials 3Tb USB3 drive was working just fine until the computer restarted after the update. My Mac Pro kept telling me that it couldn’t recognize the drive. It showed up in both Disc Utility and Drive Genius 3 but when I tried to erase and reformat the drive (I use it as a backup disc, so losing the data isn’t a big deal) I kept getting an error message that said: “Can’t write to the last block of the drive”. in both Disc Utility and Drive Genius 3.

I looked around online and saw that some people has success after updating the firmware on the WD drive, so I came here, downloaded the Firmware Updater, followed all the directions to the letter, and am frustrated to get “No drive found” every time I try to scan using the Firmware Updater. The drive still shows up in Disk Utility and Drive Genius 3, so it’s clearly being “found” by the computer, so why can’t the Firmware Updater “find” it?

Any other solutions or suggestions would be great as well. 


Turns out it was an issue with the RocketU USB3.0 PCI card. I got a fix through their support. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else has this issue and hasn’t thought of that solution yet.

I am wondering how you contacted support for the RocketU USB3.0 PCI card as I am getting the same response  of “No Drive Found” when I try to load firmware.

Thank you