Firmware updater gave error:'no drive found'

Hello everyone,

Yesterday i bought a WD My Book Essential 1 TB and i immediately got some problems.

I wanted to use this drive for mp3, movies etc. for my PS3. So i formatted the drive into FAT32(which PS3 requires), but somehow it can’t find the drive. So i was thinking i was doing something wrong. But when i was trying to fix the problem there were solutions by updating the firmware and disable VCD.

And when i was doing that, both the Smartwareprogram and the Firmware-updater-program could’t find my drive and gave the error;‘No Drive Found’ (of course i plugged it in correctly) and i’m wondering why?

It’s not that i think the firmware has to be updated, it’s no necessary it’s brand new. But i do came across the problem of not recognizing the drive by the PS3, smartware-program and firmware-updater.

So when that’s fixed i think my PS3 will recognize the drive too.

Please help.

Kindly regards,

Rinus de Rijk

Hi there, which one of the many MyBook Essential drives is the one that you have? Can you post the exact model number? It’s possible that your drive may not have an update available.

Also, even if you format the drive as FAT32 it has a very low chance to work on a PS3 because the VCD is disabled on the computer, NOT on the drive.

If you need to use that drive on a PS3, if I were you I’d take it back and trade it for a  MyBook AV, which is the ONLY MyBook that  WD advertises for PS3 use, so it is the only one promised to work…


Well, like you said…it’s better to take i back and replace it with the one you suggested.

If only i knew before… :wink:

Thanks for the info though…