Firmware update

The My Cloud update states “Backup you device” before you do the upgrade.

There is no documentation on how to do this.  WD, can we get some advice on how to backup this system?  If the instructions are to backup the device, there there should be instructions on how to do that. 

also, this is a 3 terabyte drive which is 3/4’s full.  the expectation is that I buy another 3 terabyte drive to back up the back up drive?

Please confirm / advise

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This NAS is a single disk NAS, so there is no data protection through RAID. The provided solution is Safepoints. Safepoints create a copy of all the files in all the shares into a single directory on an attached USB drive or network share. Since you cannot select what you put in the Safepoint copy, you need at least the same capacity as your used data on the NAS.

Alternatively, you can copy the shares manually on any number of disks you need.

I’d recommend you use Safepoint to protect your NAS data, until it is disposable data. Good practices include having 2 backup disks, and to alternate them on the NAS. and Offsite.