Firmware Update

I tired to download and run what was clearly indicated as a firmware update, 3.0, dated June 15, for my  My Passport. When I ran it it indicated that my current firmware, , is the latest version, although this version was installed back in December. I contacted support and was told that the update on the download page is not a firmware update but an update of the firmware updater application, and that this is something entirely different from a firmware update. This is not what is indicated on the download page. There the update is clearly indicated as being a firmware update, not an update of some entirely different  firmware updater spplication. I have previously installed numerous firmware updates and I have never run into this problem. I have never installed some sort of firmware updater seperate from a firmware update.It makes no sense to me to say that there is some new update for a firmware updater application the purpose of which is to download an old firmware update. I am totally confused by this. If someone could explain this to me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Hi there, I have no idea what you’re referring to, but here and here you have two separate links to a firmware update process on WD’s site. Either of them should give you the same firmware.

Hi, thank you for your response, those are the links I was referring to in the OP. I thought that this download, 3.0.1, dated June 15, was a firmware update. The last update I installed was back in December so it seemed to be a reasonable assumption. But apparently this is not a firmware update but a new program that simply checks to see if you have the latest firmware update, 2.0.18. WD Support referred me to the release notes,which indicate that this download, 3.0.1, is the Universal FW Updater, whereas the previous updates are labelled firmware. I have downloaded and installed numerous earlier firmware updates and I was very confused by this because it seems to make no sense at all. What is the point of having an update that does nothing but tell you that you have the latest update from last December ? WD Smartware tells you if the software needs to be updated and that usually leads to a firmware update if one is available.The download page refers to 3.0.1 as a firmware update and there is nothing there that explains that this is not the case, rather this is simply some new update checker. Support seemed to think that this should have been obvious but it wasn’t to me and I still find this confusing.But thank you for taking the time to respond.