Firmware update

I have a problem with the firmware update.
When I walk through dasboard and they try to look for an update to get the answer that I have the latest firmware.

asking for a hint to force a firmware update (my last update is dated Sun May 13 6:23:22 2012.

the link
does not contain any manual updates.

Asking for help, suggest what can be done …

… I’ve tried to force through the command

mv / etc / version / etc / version.ori

01.00.14 echo> / etc / version

the truth is that nothing it does ,not in my case …

thx for help …

Hi, right now the update can only be made automatically from the dashboard, the latest firmware update is the “02.32.05-046”.

What version does it say it’s running?  (In the GUI, please, not the command-line…)