Firmware Update won't start

Every time i try to update my My Book Essential USB 3.0 drive it doesn’t start. I get a message that a problem occured and that i must download the software from the support side, which i did a dozen times now. Start as admin won’t help, and disable my virus killer won;t help either. What is wrong here?

Which operating system are you runing windows or mac?

I’m running Windows 7.And i had a few firmware updates already, but the newest one won’t install, but when i start up  WD smartware i get a message ‘update available’., version Firmware  is 1.014, the newest is 1.016.

I’ve tried several time to update frimware to V3.0.1.1 with  no luck. When I click on wdfirmwareupdate.exeI get an erro message and exits. Using Win 7 Ultimate with MS Security Essentials turned off at the timei

Is Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit?