Firmware update screwed up my world

I did the firmware update and now my passport is not recognized. I locked it with a password when I set it up.

The only option (according to support docs) was to uninstall smartware.

Did that

Now, I cant reinstall smartware because the drive cannot be found. There is no way to download smartware on the WD site although there are 100 places to download the smartware update. 

So freaking lame.

Try these:

a. Plug the WD drive to your computer.

b. Run the firmware updater again.

c. Unplug the WD drive after it finished.

d. Restart the computer.

e. Re-plug the WD drive.

    The Virtual CD icon should appear, double clicks on it.

f. Run the DriveUnlock.

That should allow you you to install the Smartware.

After that you can remove the password or up to you.

But how do you reinstall the software?  It will not load off the VCD and it is not available from the WD Support site.

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I should have mentioned that mine is a My Book Studio and the firmware update is only for the Essential or Elite


Do not install the WD elite firmware on your WD MyBook Studio.

It does not work.

When you  set up the password it only hide the drive partition, not the VCD.

The VCD should still shown up. 

You should be able to unlock the drive with the DriveUnlock from the VCD.

After that you can install the Smartware from the VCD,

Then use the Smartware to permanent remove the password.

Is that what you are asking?

After WD support instructed me to install the firmware update I received an error message that an Elite or Essential could not be found and it would not allow for install.

My problem is that about 50% of the time I cannot get the VCD to mount.  Even when it does mount the Smartware will not open.  It momentarily shows up on my iMac dock and disappears.  The other curious thing is that the icon for the drive has change form the yellow/gold icon shown in my user manual to some icon that looks like the drive itself.

There solution is now for me to return the drive.  I am reluctant because this is where my iTunes library resides.  The drive itself appears to work fine but the lousy software is driving me crazy.


two ways only:


2, send it to data recovery. it may cost some hundred dollars for data recovery. do you thing it worth?

It is mainly a hassle to deal with an RMA.  As I said the drive actually seems to work fine other than the software.  I have it backed up to my Apple Time Capsule.  I could transfer the library back to my iMac HD and that is the hassle/time consuming part.  I am thinking about a second drive for redundant back up.  I don’t know if I even need the Smartware but I just like to have things I paid for work.