Firmware Update impossible for WD MyBook Studio 1T?

Hello to the forum,

short introducing myself, because this is my first post in this forum… I am Daniel from Germany.

I am sitting here a few hours now. It seems that I was wasting at least the last 3 of them with trying to make a firmware update on my MyBook Studio 1TB.

The only thing I recognized all this time now are some silly (really stupid… and annoying!!!)  Error messages like: “You may only update one drive at a time” and “Please connect only one device at once and when the one is ready disconnect this one and connect the next one…”

Pardon? That seems to me like if WD-Techs meant to speak to a little disabled boy, who doesn’t know where to put in the power and where to put in the data cables.

And of course… I apologize: sorry, I have another Harddrive IN my PC which is my system drive.

I don’t even have any other USB-Devices connected the, I’m now using USB-to-PS/2 adapters, because of this silly Error messages, that really make me feel agressive the more I am writing about them.

What’s up guys? Do you think we are stupid? Please come along with some quality solutions. BTW: I tried to update firmware with Windows 7 32- & 64-Bit, XP 32- & 64-Bit. And now I am fed up to the back teeth for doing all this.

Thanks for your time. I hope that you will be able to provide a solution that really works. maybe one day.

I don’t get it, if you are so smart why don’t you solve the problem by yourself instead of coming to the forum with your superdupper bad attitude…

Man, are you serious? I am just one of a so many WD-customers. And your customers’ money is why you get your income (and your bosses get richer and richer).

Instead of replying with a link to a working firmware update, displease me some!  Awesome help forum! *lol

Wonderful… 3 weeks are gone and the only thing I got through this f**** forumis an hackneyed saying and impertinent tone. What a shame…

This is just a users forum not customer service. Except for the Moderators nobody works for WD.


I think it depends on when did you buy your  1T mybook

say, the shop give you 10 days to 20 days moneyback

then within that 10 to 20 days after your shopping

you should definitely wanna to upgrade  the firmware, after partition, fat32, update it, anything go wrong, GET A BRAND NEW mybook for the store


however, if you buy it for a month

the firmware inside should be still very new, e.g. it is manufactured within 6 months ago

so YOU SHOULD NOT  update the firmware, unless, some new feature you read, is so appealing to you


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