Firmware update hosed the player

My WD media player downloaded the latest firmware update tonight (20120925) and applied it.  Now the media player won’t work.  The player was NOT turned off during download or update.  In fact, it is still trying to display the main menu screen after the re-boot initiated by the Media Player.  How do I get my media player to work now??

Same happened to my player.

After the update, I left it with power plug pulled from the unit (for 30 minutes) in hope it would empty electrolytes and some faulty memory entries but nothing helped.

Please note that my unit wasn’t turned off or interrupted the firmware update in any other way.

When turned on it shows the splash screen and then it starts with that rotating wheel and never reaches the main menu. The wheel keeps on turning endlessly. Pressing the home button or back button will just briefly show the main menu (although not always) for about one tenth of a second but won’t accept any other command.

This is very poor action from WD indeed. I had small problems with previous updates like unit needed to be restarted more than once etc, but firmware updates never bricked the unit before.

WD, how do we get our players back please?

Guys, are you in the right forum?  There hasn’t been a new firmware for this device recently…

Well, I use my player daily (small kids watching cartoons).

My unit found the firmware update this morning and I let it proceed. The update went on without any reported errors. I supervised it through the end. It took 10-15 minutes. Nothing strange or different from other firmware updates on it.

I have WDTV Live media player. Am I in the right forum?



I have done the update also (shame on me).  Now, my unit will not retain the network settings after powering down.  If I goto  settings>network settings>automatic everything shows as it should in Network Shares.  Shut the unit off and I need to do it all over again.   Grrrrrrrrr.

CTEBAH wrote:


I have WDTV Live media player. Am I in the right forum?

Probably not…  you probably have the 2009 model WDTV Live HD  (_V firmware). 

The forum for that product is here:

Thanks heaps Tony for sharing that link,

I went to that thread (forum) and rolled back the firmware on my WD TV Live HD (from 2009). You guessed everything.

Problem solved. No more upgrading firmware before checking it first here.  ;)



Can anybody tell me where I can go to get help from WD for this problem?  I would have thought that a WD forum would be the place to report WD issues.  I still do not have any idea of how to fix the problem created by my WD media player.  I guess the answer is to go out and buy another media player (not WD).  Thanks for nothing WD; you shold seriously look at your firmware updating procedures.  If a firmware update is not appropriate for a product,; that product should not download the update.  HOW would I know if a firmware update is appropriate?  VERY, VERY, VERY, POOR.

Plenty of advice on how to rollback to previous firmware in the other forums, try reading them


I am never going to upgrade firmware again without checking here first. Seems someone that makes these updates should at least check them first.

lakersin2025 wrote:

I am never going to upgrade firmware again without checking here first.

This is exactly what the “experienced” forum board members do.  It’s obvious, because most ot the earliest posts about the firmware problem came from people who made their first post here!  They did not know to check this forum board first!  Like you; they do now!

As the old saying goes: “Once burned, twice wary.”

Meanwhile, I continue to stay with the version 1.05.04_B on my Live Plus player.  It works better than the subsequent version, 1.06.16_B.  Unfortunately, after the firmware debacle, this is the version that WD is telling folks to revert back to. The reason the disasterous “new and improved” firmware was recently posted is because 1.06.16 has some real problems.

If one needs to revert to an older firmware, I would suggest v1.05.04 (and the correct one for one’s particular player model).

And, as an aside comment: 

I am just very glad the firmware updates for my Roku media players have never screwed up the player; they just WORK!