Firmware update fault

Hi I wondering if there is a way of installing the firmware manual as I think the automatic update has not installed properly, this is because the monitor software dose not seem to be working i.e… Before I updated the condition of mybook live was good and the green rings was moving on them but now after the update the green rings are not moving and the condition come’s up as bad but I have checked out the HDD and there is no fault with it so I am thinking it is the software. I think if I can reinstall the firmware again this will resolve my problem. P.S. the light on my network drive is white and long green when online also it dose not go to standby to blue like.

You’re not the first to report this, unfortuantely.

There’s no way to manually update the firmware.

Try this:

CLEAR your Browser’s Cache and then look again.

If that doesn’t change the status, then power off your MBL and power it back on.

If that doesn’t fix it, call WD.

Is there no way of rolling back the firmware also why can you not install manual as there is an option to install from a file?

Yes, the menu does have that option, but WD has never released an update file.

What should i do what for a new version of the firmware? or send it back thing is there is no fault with drive just a faulty firmware