Firmware update fails

When I try to update the firmware om My Book Studio Edition I get another problem:

When the programs starts this message popup:

Error while loading generic library.

Anybody knows whats wrong ??

Are you using USB interface?

Do you have only 1 USB drive connected?

I have a WD5000H1q-00 which gives the same problem.

Connected by USB and no other external drives attached. All firewalls, spywarescanners and antivirus turned off.

Seems to me that the software does not work.

I tried to upgrade my firmware today and I got the error message too. However, I updated the software without any issue.

I’m having:

WCAVY1462170 USB2.0

and Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I tried updating my WD5000H1CS-00 My Book Home Edition, and the updater shutdown.  Redownloaded the software by same result.  One time it said it updated successfully, but WD Diagnostics showed no change in firmware version.